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Product portfolio

Your fashion. Our mission.


Stretch jeans, jeggings, denim jackets, denim skirts, denim shorts, denim dungarees, denim dresses/overalls, thermo-jeans etc.

How do we guarantee that we meet your quality, price, and delivery expectations every time? We only know one way: Doing it all, while exercising the tightest of controls over every aspect of the value chain.

It’s all us, all along the way. There’s no one like us anymore – make it your advantage. Let us turn your apparel vision into high-performing products on your sales floor.


Quilted jackets, quilted vests, down-jackets, bonded jackets, nonbonded jackets, ski-jackets, summer jackets, trenchcoats, dufflecoat etc.


Chinos, cargo pants, cargo shorts, bermuda shorts, twill trousers, velvet trousers, sweatpants, corduroy trousers, linen pants etc. 

Dresses & overall

Jersey dresses, leisure dresses, casual dresses, knit dresses, beach dresses, festive dresses, jumpsuits, viscose dresses etc.

Blouses & shirts

Tunics, shirt blouses, blouses, shirts etc.

Knit sweaters & cardigans

Flat knit sweaters, cardigans, sweater vests etc.


T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweater dresses, shorts, sweatpants, undershirts etc.


Pyjama sets, dressing gowns, nighties, pyjama shorts, rompers, nightwear dresses, etc.


T-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, pants, shorts, tights, leggings, skirts, jackets,sports-bras, seamless garments, socks etc.


Outdoor jackets, outdoor vests, outdoor shirts, trekking pants, zip-off pants,shorts etc.


Workwear jackets, workwear vests, workwear dungarees, workwear trousers,workwear jeans, workwear t-shirts etc.

Medical workwear

Medical shirts, aprons, pants etc.


Bras, panties, underwear, briefs, thongs, negligees etc.

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